Call for Proposals

We are now accepting community-based research proposals from organizations and groups within the City of Kawartha Lakes region.

How it works

  1. Use our C-Links Pre-Proposal Form or talk with Anne Torwesten, Projects Coordinator, about your research ideas…or if you have worked with us before or already have a well-developed project idea you can skip to step two.
  2. Complete our C-Links Proposal Form

Project types: We’re interested in single or multiple research project ideas that are short-term, one year or multi-year.  Research projects can range from an undergraduate student doing a discreet research project for credit with a single agency; to teams of undergraduate students working on short-term or long-term research tasks for a local organization with C-Links staff coordinating; to a team of undergraduate and graduate students engaging with a faculty research program that is connected to a multi-year, funded project for a community collaborative with C-Links staff supporting the research process.

Past projects have included case studies, document analysis, environmental studies, impact assessments, literature reviews, needs assessments, problem or option identification, program evaluations, secondary research (i.e. analyzing existing data) and stakeholder analysis.

Deadline: Project proposals are accepted any time of year. However, to be considered for student involvement during the upcoming academic year, proposals must be received by May 15, 2015.

Review process and matching: Once we receive your proposal, we will work with you to develop and refine the project and then strategically try to match it with post-secondary students and faculty who have an interest in your project themes. That said, there is no guarantee of a match!

To discuss your project idea, call Anne Torwesten, Projects Coordinator, at 705-324-9144 X 3030, or


C-Links Pre-Proposal Form

C-Links Proposal Form

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